5 Great Interview Questions to Ask Your Interviewer During Your Interview (Prep your interview)

Every interview has an amazing question where your interviewer asks you “Do you have any questions for me?” And you are like, “Awwwww! No, I don’t have any questions’’ or you ask a random question that does not impress your interviewer. You hope that you had prepared some questions in advance.

Asking questions back demonstrate your interest in the position, your drive to excel in the role, and the fact that you’ve done some homework.

So, these questions will make you sound smart and get closer to an offer.

Question 1. I have understood key elements of this role are ….. (mention 2 points). I would like to know, How would you measure my success in this role and What can I do to exceed your expectations?

This question shows that you have understood the role. You are result oriented as you are asking about measuring success. This question also shows that you are an overachiever who wants to not just reach expectations but exceed expectations. This question would set you apart.

Question 2. Who are the key people I would be working with in this role? The reason I am asking this is to know what can I bring to the team that is probably missing?

This question shows that you care about the team and the people you work with. It shows you want to contribute to the team. When the interviewer responds that you could bring X skill to the team, you would have a chance to state that you have that X skill and you are willing to add value to the team through that.

Question 3. I had a great positive discussion with you so far. With the discussion until now, how do you think I fit in this role?

This is my favourite question. I learned it from Robbie Abed. It forces the interviewer to do two things:

One. Give you direct feedback on how the interview has gone so far and hint if another interview will be granted or if an offer will be given.

Two. Makes your interviewer tells good/positive things about you during an interview. It will make you confident as it make the interviewer think why you are suitable for that open position.

Question 4. I really like the interview process where I got to understand the role better, and how I can impact in the team. I also had a good interaction with you and also got a big picture from your strategic stand point on how I can create an impact in the company and last but not most importantly, I got a sense of amazing culture at (company name). Having said that, what are the next steps in hiring process and when would you get back to me?

In this question, you summarise that the interview experience was positive and provoke them to tell the next steps and the timeline expectations. Also gives an ‘idea’ for rebuttal.

Question 5. Can I please have your business card or email address because I would like to reflect on our discussion and send you a note.

This question is important because you ask for the email address of the interviewer and also take the consent that you would reach out to them. It’s always important to write a short note after the interview to stand out among the other interviewees and show your enthusiasm. Remember your interview feedback email should be precise (try less than 4 lines). In that message, I’d recommend mentioning how you “especially enjoyed your conversation about x” which will help your interviewer connect your name/email to actual interview conversation. You want to make sure you leave a positive, memorable impression.

Bonus Question:

I always like to improve my skills and become an expert at what I do. If I would like to take any courses or certifications, would the company financially support that?

This question shows that you like to become an expert and are interested in improving the skills even wherever you need to.

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